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Welcome to Katie Moss Counselling 

I firmly believe in the power of talking therapy. Offering a confidential non-judgemental setting for individuals to feel truly heard and understood can invite powerful change and a deeper understanding of self


Katie Moss


BACP registered Counsellor – Working with both Adults & Young People

Thinking about counselling?

Are you thinking about counselling? Maybe seeking some kind of support to make sense of an event or to challenge and manage your thoughts and feelings. You could be striving to live with the actions of others around you? You may be struggling with stress, anxiety or a lack of direction and purpose.

Do you need a little time for you each week, to talk things through with a compassionate, non-judgmental listener? Counselling cannot change the past; undo the events or actions of others or ourselves but it can look at how you wish to think and feel and help you move on from situations that often weigh us down.


Relationships, friends, family, personal and professional life can impact our wellbeing, which in turn can impact our physical and mental health.

I have been supporting people for the last 8 years in the mental health sector. I qualified as a counsellor 5 years ago and continue to support people with very different presenting problems. If you would like to discuss how I could support you and help you find the answers you seek please contact me.


Counselling is a talking therapy. I work in a very person-centred way, what this means is that you will decide what you wish to explore and at a pace that is comfortable to you.


Research has shown that the relationship you build with your therapist is of paramount importance. A good relationship invites successful



I am a qualified and experienced BACP registered therapist. I have been helping people with challenging thoughts and feelings since 2012 and have been a practising therapist

since 2015.


Start your journey with us today

Thanks for getting in touch we look forward to speaking with you!

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