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Katie Moss Privacy Notice

About me: I am committed to the safe storage and appropriate use of my client’s data. 

About the handling and storage of information: Name’s and email addresses submitted via my website will be deleted immediately if said individual does not go on to become a client.

If said person proceeds to become a client, then personal details such as address, and other contact information is stored separately to clinical notes. The only person with access to clinical notes and clients’ contact information is Katie Moss.

Clinical notes only contain the date and schematic theme no verbatim notes are ever recorded. No session content is ever used for training purposes unless express permission has been sought from and given by the client.

Client notes and contact information is retained for 7 years as required by my insurance company.

Any data retained on my mobile phone such as texts and numbers will be deleted after reading. Any client contact numbers will be deleted from my mobile telephone when the client ceases to be a current client.

If a health referral is ever required, explicit permission to share contact data would be sought from the client.

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